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Description of the program KoefficientyRU (Autopilot)

If you have an idea of what the input parameters of the game should be about, or, better still, have developed your Mechanical Trading System (MTS), with the help of Module "ANALYTICS", then you need to catch from bookmaker's offers "your bets". This is exactly what the Autopilot is needed for, which is available in the "Commercial" and "Test" versions of the KoefficientyRU program. Enable / Disable Autopilot on the same tab.

Autopilot tab

With the left part of the Autopilot window we met in the section Technical analysis of strategies. ANALYTICS, and without this acquaintance, it's almost all clear, it only remains to add that one of these settings for seven sports is not enough, so it is possible to configure immediately 9 (Nine) Counselors with their own individual settings. Customize them so that their conditions do not overlap, or several advisors will immediately catch the same game. The "Pass" and "Stop" buttons help you, the first button sets all filter values ??of the selected Expert Advisor, and the second button - vice versa, bypasses. An advisor with non-valid filter values, of course, will not catch anyone. After completing the fields of each Expert Advisor, do not forget to SAVE the configured parameters.
Still there is an opportunity to catch the nearest games only on the text filter. If you have favorite teams, and you do not want to skip games with their participation in any case, then type and save as many as you like, more accurately to 1000, text filters in the opened text file (usual NOTEPAD) and the Autopilot will catch also their. One line = one text filter, you can even partially. For example: "Foot Russ Zen" and all the games of the ZENIT team of the Russian Football Championship will be caught by the Autopilot in a timely manner. Strings with less than three characters will be ignored, so in each line, specify more characters.

A normal notepad has become a filter

The central part of the "Autopilot Settings" window is the autopilot work schedule, which would not ring at night, and the weekend could also be arranged.

Operating time setting window

Time is set discretely in increments of 1 hour. Well, the right part of the "Autopilot Settings" window is the automatic distribution settings, is turned on and off by setting / unchecking the "birdies" in the "Setting E-Mail Distribution" field. Not all the time you in the monitor stare, waiting for the "Your games" to appear. The autopilot will catch them (catching starts with a small margin in time - 20 minutes before the meeting), and immediately throws out the window, in the computer sense of the word.

Autopilot caught the right meetings

In case you are not far from the computer, this window will flicker and emit primitive sounds until it is eaten by the mouse, but if you need to move away from the computer, then you can use the E-Mail mailing list. Here we need some details. First, and most importantly, get a separate mailbox on some public place (mail.ru or yandex.ru), which will be used only for these purposes and for no other. Second, make him a name more difficult, some abracadabra - there will be less spam. Third, and most needed, configure your pocket gadget to this mailbox so that you can always quickly and quickly get a prompt and immediately respond to the news. The program KoefficientyRU will need to trust the full address of your mailbox and password, writing them in the appropriate fields, and since there will be no personal correspondence there, then you absolutely do not have to worry about this. Now the question is more complicated - you need to fill in the "smtp server address" and "port" fields. Each email service provider has its own settings. I give a couple of examples where you can find these answers - for Mail server yandex.ru for Mail server mail.ru.

Email settings yandex.ru

Email settings mail.ru

After filling in all the fields "E-Mail Settings", you will be immediately convinced of their correctness by clicking the "Link Check" button. You should immediately receive a letter with meaningless text, otherwise double-check all fields. Another important point. The autopilot will work according to the schedule you have set only from your computer. This is your computer, constantly being on the Internet, will wake up behind the bookmaker, it's your computer will send itself a mail, which you can immediately read from your pocket gadget. Another big disadvantage of the program - you need to spend your electricity, and your Internet traffic, or use the old-fashioned manual work - turned on, updated, chose, made a bet, turned off.


EMail: koefficienty@yandex.ru