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Description of the program KoefficientyRU (Coefficients)

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Description of the program KoefficientyRU (Testing of games)

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Description of the program KoefficientyRU (LIVE-betting)

This tab of the program "Coefficients" is devoted to LIVE-rates. Here you can quickly catch the current positive bookmakers. Any forklift in the arsenal is always available for playing at least two or three offices. This fork scanner from the very beginning to the decision making is absolutely transparent and understandable in its principle of operation.


It is necessary to open the website of your favorite bookmakers on current LIVE-rates (ATTENTION! To compare the names of teams, all web pages should be in one language, better ENG - recognizability of the commands is better), then highlight the whole page (Ctrl + A), copy it (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) all this abracadabra into the corresponding field of the program.

Example of LIVE bidding pages

And so repeat for the rest, participating in the game, Bookmakers.

Fields for inserting all copied

Then just press the "LIVE-BET" button and get all the current comparisons of your Bookmakers sorted by the expected Profit (by the positivity of the forks). All this will take some time (about 20 seconds), but all this will be the freshest. Immediately after pressing this button all the fields to be copied will be cleared and will be ready to receive new data immediately. Repeat this entire operation almost immediately after receiving the next results.

Get the result of LIVE-forks

On the "LIVE-betting" it is much safer to make fork bids, but still do not forget about the size of the bet - it is still desirable to round it, albeit with little damage to the final result.
A couple more remarks on fork LIVE-stakes. If one office gives two better coefficients (as in the picture above, the two best coefficients of PINNACLE [X] and [2]), then it is safer to make one combined bid X2, and not two different [X] and [2], while It must be remembered that any combined rate is always worse than two independent ones and make an amendment to it. And the second remark, more specifically the recommendation, if one BC shows its LIVE-rates not on one web page, but on different ones, then one can safely throw different copies from one CD in one heap in the program window.
Of course, there is a natural question: "How long do positive forks live in LIVE-stakes and can I make bets on them?". The answer is "YES" and "NO". The more positivity of the plug, the less it "lives", and in the rest everything depends on your efficiency, a minute is enough to have time to put on a medium-sized fork, and you can check all this yourself right there in this program. And, of course, forks for sports events with two, not three outcomes, are much more reliable in terms of "Happen".


EMail: koefficienty@yandex.ru