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Description of the program KoefficientyRU (Hand Parsing)

The technical question, where and how do the coefficients of the remaining Bookmakers come from and how often are they updated? There are two sources of obtaining these coefficients "From the Internet" and "Parsing".

Source of the coefficients

The first source is "From the Internet" - other BKs are scanned in semi-manual semi-automatic mode and the results of scanning are placed on a public place on the Internet. The relevance of these data is not always fresh (maybe more than one hour), so comparing this method, pay attention to the age of the coefficients obtained. The second source of "Parsing" is data received personally by you, the relevance of this data depends only on you. You can receive data on the "Manual Parsing" tab.

Getting Bookmaker Ratios with the help of manual parsing

Choose a bookmaker office (1), double click (2) on it will open the desired web page of this BC (3), then open the necessary page with the necessary sports coefficients (3), select the entire page (4), copy it into memory (4 ), Then paste all this copied heap of any text in the text field (5) under the icons of the BC and press the "Manual Parsing" button (6), all, in a few seconds these data will be accepted by the program KOEFFICIENTYRU for comparison.

How to get bookmaker coefficients with the help of manual parsing

If the data of one Bookmaker needs to be copied from different Internet pages, then you can throw everything in one heap (copied-pasted, copied-pasted another page, etc.) and then clicked the "Manual Parsing" button. After pressing this button, the program will display the information: "received records", "total records" (this is taking into account the data from the previous parsing, and "the number of games for the next day" is recorded, ie games that have left more than a day left before Then you can go to another Bookmaker.The received entries will be shown in the table, which can be easily exported to the EXEL, via the right mouse button.When all the Bookmakers are filled (or not all, two or three Bookmakers are enough), you can "Compare Bookmakers", but Before the comparison is not zab Choose the data source "Parsing." Yes, the procedure is not fast, but you need to figure it out yourself with the data, but for this is your guaranteed data. Have changed, but there is such a probability, but experience shows that even fork coefficients can not change for hours and remain so until the beginning of the game or change insignificantly. If at the time of the betting odds are still slightly changed, then you can check the profitability of the changed plug on the tab "Fork calculator", everything is simple and clear for those who understand what a plug is. I recommend starting with a minimum coefficient and then increasing in ascending order. If the coefficients change at the very moment of betting, then a change in the higher coefficient will bring a smaller change in the fork margin.
Yes, I completely forgot to mention such a trifle as "Access to the site is blocked" or "I do not have the website of some bookmakers", etc. Maybe just not everyone knows what a VPN is - find out that it solves your problem, but if it's even easier, use the OPERA browser, it has a function (free !!!) VPN, turn it on in OPERA settings and use it for health. When this function is enabled, it is highlighted in blue in the background to the left of the command line.

Получить доступ к файлам используя VPN OPERA


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