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Description of the program KoefficientyRU (Compare bookmakers)

Once again I will return to the question "WHY MARATHON"? More precisely, why the ratios of the MARATHON? We understand with different bookmakers and look only at their coefficients, from which the bookmaker's Margin is formed. We accept a simple truth, the smaller the bookmaker's margin, the less money he takes from his clients, which means that the more promptly she needs to react to changes in the amount of money on different shoulders, i.e. Faster to change their coefficients. And those offices that have a large margin are very slow in changing their coefficients, because their margin in the margin is sufficient to not jerk on every trifle. Hence, we will evaluate different bookmakers only on their margin. Here in April 2016, an evaluation of twelve bookmakers was conducted and, accordingly, each was given a well-deserved estimate. And the MARATHON turned out to be the best, therefore HE.

A simple assessment of some bookmakers on the degree of loyalty to their customers on the example of the Russian Football Championship.

1Marathonbet 2,06
3WinLine 4,56
4Parimatch 5,15
5FonBet 6,03
6Лига ставок 6,06
710Bet 6,63
8Sbobet 7,94
9Williamhill 9,15
10Bwin 9,97
11Sportingbet 9,99
12LEON 10,19

Comparison of Bookmakers on the margin

But maybe this assessment was not correct enough, because only the Russian Championship was considered and the players of the big world bookmakers are not very keen on some kind of secondary tournament in a foreign country. Then it will be more correct to take for the correct assessment that something international, the 2018 World Cup qualifier for football, I think, will suit completely. Here are some, very unexpected, we obtained estimates for the bookmakers in the intermediate games.

A simple assessment of some bookmakers on the degree of loyalty to their customers on the example of the 2018 World Cup qualifier.

11xStavka 1,77
2Marathonbet 2,08
3LEON 2,30
5Bwin 5,01
6WinLine 5,13
7Parimatch 5,14
8FonBet 5,72
9Williamhill 5,92
1010Bet 6,34
11Лига ставок 6,94
12Sbobet 7,99

Attitude Bookmakers to their clients

The site of the Sportingbet bookmaker control did not open, the office could be covered up - I do not know, but now I took instead of it another bookmaker office 1xStavka, sitting in the tops of the rating of different bookmakers and was pleasantly surprised by its coefficients and deserved first place. While in different forums most praise Pinnaclesports and often scold MARATHON, but if you look only at the coefficients, then both of them are wrong. Another pleasantly surprised company LEON, which, according to the results of my two checks, moved from the last place to the third. Williamhill significantly reduced its margin, but still stayed at the same place. Well, Sbobet does not only keep the biggest margin, so it does not give itself the trouble to put lines with obvious favorites of meetings. The MARATHON company still remains in the TOPs of coefficient estimates, so I continue to scan it.

Conclusion: The less money is given to the bookmaker (takes the margin), the higher the odds for the outcome, which means that the greater the winnings are obtained from their customers.
You can independently calculate the degree of loyalty of your favorite Kbukmekerskaya office according to the slightly simpler formula given above.

But how to apply all this now in practice? All these arguments about which bookmaker office is the best and attentive look at the tables obtained led to this conclusion: if I decided to bet on the outcome of P1, then the minimum bookmaker margin is not the only criterion and not even the main one, but the main criterion for choosing a bookmaker office in which It is reasonable to put it - this is the profit that will be credited to me in case of guessing the outcome of this meeting. Here it is also necessary to take into account that some bookmaker offices immediately withdraw from any winnings taxes (!!!). And so, there is a sports meeting, there is an opinion that P1, now it remains only to choose the bookmaker with the best odds and make the desired bet. "Comparison of bookmakers" to help us, here is a concrete example:

Search for the best odds among several bookmakers

It shows that the best coefficient P1 in the bookmaker (Leon), the best X in the bookmaker (Pinacle), and the best P2 from the bookmaker (Marat), we take the bookmaker who showed the best odds and bet in this office. One office - one best bet, it would be possible to put an end to this, but if the odds in different bookmakers go to races, it is likely that there will be a situation where you can immediately put on all the best odds and, at any outcome, get a guaranteed profit. Let's take a closer look at our example, all entries in the table are sorted by the value of "Fork margin" (second column). Of the nearly three hundred records, a dozen entries have a positive "fork margin" - what does this mean? This is our dear fork with a positive outcome. We look at the "Fork calculator", which immediately calculated a good alignment for us, and we decide whether we should play this situation or not, and we set this balance to 980.00, in the worst case we get +5.60, at best +30.60. those. In the bookmaker office (Leon) we put 350, in the bookmaker office (Pinnacle) - 320, and in the bookmaker office (Marathon) 310, total put 980.00, the win at P1 will be +987.00, at X +985.60, and at P2 +1010.60. Not the biggest win, but guaranteed winnings.
Пару слов о внимательности. На сильно выпадающие из общего ряда коэффициенты нужно внимательней смотреть, скорей всего это не совсем так на самом деле. Вот один пример такой ситуации. Вилочный процент очень завышен, но при внимательном рассмотрении видно, что у одной БК это коэффициенты на парные игры, а у другой БК это одиночные игры, хотя по фамилиям и идут совпадения. Так что это разные события и никакой вилки, к тому же такой «вкусной», в действительности тут нет. You also need to pay attention to the age of the coefficients received (time under the bookmaker icon). If it is large, then the actual coefficients, probably, are far from being the same as presented here. On this example it is also very clearly visible.

The overlays that arise when comparing bookmakers

A warning! Some (very good, that not all) Bookmakers do not like such players (forkers), calculate them and in every possible way limit them in bets, up to blocking the account, but the money will still allow you to withdraw. Here are simple rules, observing which you can not fall into the black list of such offices:
- To make bets from different offices, i.e. Do not make more than one bet per game in one office;
 - not put often, 1-2 times a day in one office and no more;
 - to make bets rounded (Example: 120.00, not 121.56);
 - to stake not more than 10% of the available capital in this office;
 - do not often withdraw money, not more often than once a week;
 - do not bet on a coefficient that clearly falls out of the common row, yes (!) Some BCs specifically set traps for fork makers, making some kind of awkward factor, which then can easily be canceled along with a dozen caught forkers, just do not take forks with margins more than + 10%.

Follow these recommendations and do not do stupid things that immediately deprive you of the opportunity to have a guaranteed income, be moderate and careful. It's clear that with such rules you will never get rich, and more, you need to have very tangible amounts on the accounts of the BC just to be guaranteed a small income "to support your pants." Let's try to estimate how much. In order to increase your family budget by 20 bucks a day, following all the precautionary recommendations, we will make a couple of bets per day with an average fork margin of 5%, at the same time having to bet 10 bucks to put 200 on three (two) offices, Unevenness of the coefficients can get 150-180 bucks maximum rate (this is for small coefficients) per one outcome, and therefore you need to have at least 1500 bucks in accounts in each BK. If we work with five BK, then the total deposit is 7,5 thousand. This means that for 300 working days (minus vacation, spree, family circumstances, etc.) we will receive an annual profit of 6,000, minus 120 bucks for Use of the program in this period, minus electricity and computer depreciation, minus the cost of the Internet, minus its precious time, well, etc., then the entire strategy with a moderate approach will yield only 75% per annum. The strategy of increasing working capital has the right to exist, but it is not very noticeable in the process, where it is more pleasant to immediately spend your profits on your own pleasure. For someone 75% per annum a lot, for someone very little, especially if there is no start-up capital, you will have to go to increase the risk, bet more often, bet in large parts (30-40%) of capital, swing at sweet premiums , Which in actual fact may turn out to be betting traps. So this way you can lose revenue in some BCs and severely curtail your opportunities.

Also, when comparing bookmakers, you can take games with the best local coefficients in one bookmaker office and build short expresses or some other constructions from them, thereby substantially increasing your potential profit. Get the list of the best coefficients of the selected bookmaker office by clicking on the icon of this bookmaker's office, get here a list that is easily exported (in the table) to EXEL.

Getting Bookmaker Ratios with the help of manual parsing

There was a technical question, where and how are the coefficients of these nine Bookmakers taken and how often are they updated? The answers to these questions can be found on the page Description of the KoefficientyRU (Hand Parsing)

Video review: how to use KoefficientyRU to compare the odds for one sporting event from different bookmakers.


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