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The movements of bookmaker coefficients (falling coefficients, increasing coefficients) are what many experienced lovers of betting with experience seek in real time in different bookmakers. This movement will be devoted to my page. Why these coefficients move, all the experienced players understand perfectly, but I will say about this again in a very, very short and simplified version - the bookmaker equalizes the money ratio. "FOR" and "AGAINST", while retaining its guaranteed profit. Many players, having found such a movement, even if for the first time in their lives they hear the names of the teams and exotic tournaments in question, are ready to put in full agreement with their strategy on such events. There are two most common variants of strategies with varying coefficients and the third strategy is marginal "forks".

Strategy number 1. "Naive".
For sure, some insider news about one playing side leaked, suggesting an unexpected trouble with some key player of the team, the absence of which on the field will weaken the team, or something in this spirit, people immediately begin to bet against this insider about this insider Team, or advise others to do so and thereby reduce the coefficient for the victory of the opposing team. It's time to connect to this universal movement and also put on a falling coefficient hoping for a very high probability of your event in this meeting.

Strategy number 2. The "overwhelming"
This rate wagering on one side clearly increases the coefficient of the other side and when this growing coefficient of the other side from the initial almost equivalent to the first coefficient oversteps for a certain value (each player has its own level), for example 3.0, then you can put on this overvalue, arguing Thus - for some relatively long time before the start of the game the chances of winning this team were almost 50%, judging by the initial rates, and now the updated odds say it is not so, But if there is reason to think that the chances of winning this team have remained the same or dropped insignificantly, why do not I take advantage of the situation and not put on this excessively high ratio, thus obtaining, on the occasion, a more substantial win.

Strategy number 3. "Fork"
Wickers, Welcome! In addition to the main scanning of the betting company "Marathon", it is possible to receive odds from nine other bookmakers, and even in LIVE, to compare them with each other, and, of course, to catch positive forks that guarantee profit in any outcome of the match. For details, see Comparison of bookmakers and Live-betting.

Strategy number 4. "Common opinion"
How to determine the true value of the probability of a particular event? All this is very ephemeral and not measured by any measuring device, but opinions of all bookmakers or betting players about some games are always different, but they are not very different from each other and it means that some general criteria of judgments and judgments exist . Knowing the opinions (coefficients) of several BCs, one can find the arithmetic mean of the total coefficient, in other words - this will be the expression of the general opinion, expressed in a specific figure. From this you can build another strategy. If the coefficient, for some event in your favorite BC will be greater than in the other compared BC, then this coefficient is overestimated by the bookmaker and if he is much more than a "general opinion", it is worth thinking about putting it on him.

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At once about lacks of this program, having learned about which, maybe, already and it will not be necessary to read further.
1. You need to be on the Internet at the time of launch and at the time of each update, and better all the time.
2. Work only on computers with the Windows operating system.
3. Guaranteed operation of each desyatiminutki, there are omissions.
4. It is desirable to have a large monitor, and better, a very large monitor for visibility of the information provided.
5. Work program with up-to-date information only after a completely elementary registration.
6. The program is attached to the computer and after transferring it to another computer will again require registration.
7. The program is free, download boldly, but the connection to the current PAYMENT coefficients is $ 20 for two months or $ 5 for 10 days. Payment method PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex-money, Bitcoin or PAYEER, see details in the program itself - when you switch to the commercial version in the "About the Program" tab, the button "Raise the status".

With all these big drawbacks, there is one small plus - after registering the program (registration is free), to fully understand the need for it, the first week of work is provided for free. On the other pros, read on.

The program "KoefficientyRU" is designed to help players who bet on sports events.
- "Coefficients" - monitors changes in current coefficients;
- "Autopilot" - catches favorable conditions in a changing environment and favorite sports teams;
- "Analytics" - analyzes all possible strategies on historical events;
- "Comparison of bookmakers" - compares the proposed odds of several bookmakers and distinguishes the best of them, catches positive forks;
- "Manual parsing" - allows you to receive the most current offers of different bookmakers;
- "LIVE-betting" - catches LIVE-plugs.
- "Testing games" - a thorough testing of some bookmaking games on modeling situations from thousands of bids.

Custom Levels:
- 1st level. "Trial". Graphs of the movement of coefficients on the history of the three-day old are provided. Available to all without restrictions.
- 2nd level. "Test". Provides one-week actual graphs of the movement of the coefficients and the capabilities of the autopilot. Available for registered users. Free registration.
- 3rd level. "Commercial". All program features are provided for the entire paid period without any restrictions. Available for registered users who paid for the commercial version. The cost of $ 20 for two months or $ 5 for 10 days.
- 0th level. "Non-working". Graphs of the movement of coefficients on the history of the three-day old are provided. Available for those who did not extend the "Commercial" version.

How to deal with moving coefficients, each player makes the decision himself, and this program provides you with an absolutely complete picture of the changing coefficients in the main sports of the bookshop "MARATHON" at any time. Since all the major bookmakers work also with an eye toward each other, it is more likely that the same graphs of coefficients change pass in other bookmakers (just below is a comparison table of some bookmakers), which is why you can look at these charts, Boldly betting in other bookmakers.
The program "koefficientyRU" by simple copying is installed on your computer and at intervals no more than once every 10 minutes can update the data from the Internet. The presentation of information is more than clear and convenient. Here is the current summary statistics obtained by this program and, for example, one fresh schedule of a sports meeting worthy of your attention (To update the pictures, click not just "F5", but "Ctrl+F5"). This meeting has already begun, but it is probably still possible to take some decision on it.

Fresh statistics

Actual schedule for changing coefficients

Looking at such graphics it is much easier to decide what to do with this game: put on a team1, put on a team2 or not put at all - everything is up to you to decide on your own.
There is one unusual feature on the presented charts, to which I myself have long been accustomed, but I believe that it is not necessary to correct it and let it be as it is - it is more correct and logical. This is a horizontal coordinate (X) on which time is reflected, namely the last desyatiminutka appears on the graph strictly on the left, and all previous ten-minute points are shifted one position to the right.

Detailed study of the schedule of movement of sports lines from the bookmaker

Example of using Strategies #3 and #4. Choose a bookmaker with the best odds (Strategy #4), search for a margin fork and determine its yield (Strategy #3).

Finding the best odds for the chosen sport game

Good luck to all.

EMail: koefficienty@yandex.ru